Chapter 4: Making Search Engines Love Your Site

In This Chapter

check.png Creating and maintaining a great site structure

check.png Building great on-page structure

check.png Optimizing for trust

Search engines want relevance. In this chapter, you find out how you can make your website more attractive to search engines by creating content clusters and using deep links. You also find out how to maintain your website after you optimize it.

After you understand how to structure your website, you can use a semantic outline to create an appealing structure for each page. You can also optimize your website for trustworthiness.

Structuring Your Site for Search Engines and People

Think of your website as a pyramid. At the top, you have the homepage. One click away from the homepage, you have the second layer of content. Two clicks away, you have the third layer. Each additional click moves you another layer down in the hierarchy until you can’t click any farther away from the homepage. That’s the bottom layer. Search engines award more relevance more readily to content that is closer to the top of the site pyramid.

You can bring content to the top of the pyramid by

Creating content clusters so that you create individual, ...

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