Chapter 7: Building Link Love

In This Chapter

check.png Discovering why links matter

check.png Encouraging links

check.png Getting the easy links

check.png Staying out of trouble

check.png Creating link bait

Link building — getting other sites to link to yours — is critical to your search engine optimization efforts. However, many people ignore the rest of SEO and focus entirely on acquiring links. Link building is not the only component, and ignoring great copy, great code, and a well-structured site in favor of link building is a mistake.

This chapter explains why links matter, how search engines weigh links, the factors for quality links, and several tactics for building links to your site.

This chapter is very technical and detailed, so keep some perspective. You don’t need to spend the next two years writing link bait. But you should do everything up to and including the suggestions in the “Leveraging Your Partners for Links” section. For everything after that section, you can read and learn. If you have time and a big budget, ...

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