Chapter 3: Building a Quality E-Mail List

In This Chapter

check.png Getting your e-mail database ready

check.png Gathering valuable contact information

check.png Attracting e-mail subscribers

check.png Obtaining e-mail addresses through list brokers

Collecting e-mail addresses isn’t an easy task. Some people are so bothered by unsolicited e-mails that they’re willing to share almost anything else with you before they will share their e-mail addresses. Others might give you their e-mail addresses, but when the e-mails they receive from you don’t meet their expectations, they resort to unsubscribing or marking the e-mails as spam, even if they’re loyal customers.

remember.eps Fortunately, an e-mail list needn’t be large to be effective. The best e-mail lists are those that contain the names of loyal repeat customers, referral sources who respect others’ privacy, and interested prospects who know you and your business well enough to recognize your e-mails.

This chapter guides you through some of the best tactics for building a permission-based ...

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