Chapter 4: Constructing an Effective Marketing E-Mail

In This Chapter

check.png Creating From and Subject lines

check.png Creating and laying out e-mail content

check.png Branding your e-mails

Deciding how to design and lay out your e-mail content is possibly the most important step in executing your e-mail marketing strategy. Designing your e-mail content entails choosing a format, such as a newsletter or event invitation, that matches your message and placing your content in visually appealing arrangements.

E-mail design is important because consumers tend to scan e-mails instead of reading them in their entirety. If your e-mails aren’t easy to scan, no one will pay attention long enough to grasp your message or take action.

In addition to making your e-mails easy to scan, good e-mail designs enhance your business image by giving your e-mails a consistent and professional brand identity. Brand identity makes your e-mails more inviting and recognizable to your audience and tells your audience that your e-mail comes from a trustworthy and familiar source.

In this chapter, you find out how to organize and design your e-mail content so that your audience can easily scan and understand your message. You can also ...

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