Chapter 5: Making Your E-Mail Content Valuable

In This Chapter

check.png Determining the value of your e-mail content

check.png Including valuable offers in your e-mails

check.png Coming up with a strong call to action

check.png Making your e-mails inherently valuable

check.png Giving your e-mails relevance over time

When people subscribe to your e-mail list, they share personal information with the expectation of receiving something valuable. Consumers aren’t likely to value multiple e-mails that highlight only the distinguishing characteristics of your business. Repetitive e-mail content results in subscriber boredom. And boring your audience leads to low open rates, lost clicks, and unsubscribe requests.

Keeping your e-mail content valuable over time helps ensure that your list subscribers keep their attention and their subscription active while you attempt to capture purchases from them throughout the course of each buying cycle. The two basic types of value when it comes to e-mail content are

An offer that is valuable when ...

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