Chapter 2: Creating Your Social Media Desktop

In This Chapter

check.png Setting up your social media desktop

check.png Adding updates to your tracking center

check.png Deciding which information to track

One of the first problems you encounter in any social media campaign is information overload, or how to keep track of what people are saying on dozens of different sites.

If you create and use a social media desktop, however, you have one central place where you can easily monitor

The things that people say about you or your organization

Any stories or themes that you want to track

The best part of having a social media desktop is that you don’t have to type the web address for every site and search result you’re trying to track, because it’s all in one place.

In this chapter, you build your social media desktop. Note: If you haven’t read Chapter 1 of this minibook, hop over there and find out about the sneeze principle. (Gesundheit.) You need a social media desktop so that you can know when other people, um, sneeze (spread along) your content. You also need a social media desktop so that you can find and pass along other people’s great content. That makes you a more valuable member of the community — ...

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