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Web & Native Working Together

Video Description

Most companies have a website and a pair of native apps that work as separate entities. In this course, mobile web expert Max Firtman shows you how to integrate and support each platform. You’ll learn how native apps can communicate with websites and how this solves a range of problems and creates a richer user experience. Web and mobile developers alike will benefit from this timely addition to Firtman’s Mobile Web App Development Video Learning Path.

  • Solve the web app multiple-log-in issue with web app session sharing
  • Learn how to let users browse web content from a native app
  • Incorporate the use of links in native apps with tools like Intents, Universal Links, and App Links
  • Discover ways to index app content into Google Search and Apple Siri.
  • Explore methods that link google search results to the app instead of the website
  • Practice setting semantic data on Siri and Google Now from an app
  • Learn to advertise apps from on websites without harming performance or search ranking
  • Show web content on apps using WebViews, SafariViewController and Chrome Custom Tabs

Maximiliano Firtman, founder of ITMaster Professional Training, is a mobile+web developer, trainer, speaker, writer, and Adobe Community Champion.