Web Publishing with PHP and FileMaker

Book description

Whether you are a FileMaker developer who is new to web publishing, a web developer who is new to FileMaker, or a complete beginner looking to put your data online, this book is for you.

In Part I, you learn the basics of how web publishing works and how to write your own HTML and PHP. In Part II, you learn how to build a FileMaker database and install and configure the FileMaker Server to host the database. In Part III, you learn how to put it all together to create web pages that talk to your database and allow people to view the data and, if you like, modify it. Throughout the book, publishing a FileMaker Product Catalog to the web is used as an example. Each chapter builds on the previous chapter. When you are done, you will have a working website!

Detailed information on how to…

  • Master web publishing

  • Read and write basic HTML

  • Read and write basic PHP

  • Build a FileMaker database

  • Install and configure FileMaker Server

  • Publish your FileMaker data to the web

  • Work with portals and container fields

  • Repurpose your FileMaker layouts on the web

  • Introduction 1
    Part I: Basics of Web Publishing
    Chapter 1: How Web Publishing Works 7
    Chapter 2: Introduction to HTML 17
    Chapter 3: Introduction to PHP 31
    Part II: Laying the Groundwork
    Chapter 4: Building a Simple FileMaker File 49
    Chapter 5: Configuring the Server(s) 67
    Part III: Publishing FileMaker Data on the Web
    Chapter 6: Viewing FileMaker Data 91
    Chapter 7: Altering FileMaker Data 115
    Chapter 8: Working with Related Data (Portals) 137
    Chapter 9: Working with Images 167
    Chapter 10: Repurposing a FileMaker Layout on the Web 189
    Part IV: More Information
    Appendix A: Performance Tuning 213
    Appendix B: Security Concerns 217
    Appendix C: Error Handling and Prevention 225
    Appendix D: FileMaker PHP API Reference 231
    Index 239

    Product information

    • Title: Web Publishing with PHP and FileMaker
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: September 2007
    • Publisher(s): Sams
    • ISBN: None