Web Services: A Java™ Developer’s Guide Using E-Speak

Book description

Master HP's fast, practical, secure technology for delivering advanced Internet-based Web services.

  • Explains service-centric computing, competitive landscape, and the first Internet service technology—e-Speak

  • Demonstrates how to deliver powerful Web services with HP's Java-based e-Speak platform

  • Includes fully annotated Java code examples for every e-Speak component

  • Contains two detailed case studies: supply chain management and location-based mobile services

  • Make the Web work for you—with HP's open, Java, and XML-based software platform for creating and delivering Web services. Web Services: A Java Developer's Guide Using E-Speak is one of the first books focusing on service-centric computing. It is also the complete, authoritative guide to e-Speak technology. Written by two HP e-Speak experts, it covers all aspects of the service life cycle, while illuminating the broader technical and business issues associated with Internet service-based economies.

  • Web services: what they are, and how they can solve business problems

  • Enabling Internet-based services to find each other and interact programmatically, wherever they are—securely

  • E-Speak service development, deployment, and discovery

  • Comparative survey of competitive initiatives and technologies such as CORBA, J2EE, ebXML, UDDI, and .NET

  • Key concepts: client and service interactions, vocabularies, contracts, service composition; the multicore environment; persistence, events, messages, and HP's "E-Services Village" service registry

  • E-Speak's transformation into HP Web Services Platform—a standards-based, highly interoperable platform for Internet service delivery

  • Web Services: A Java Developer's Guide Using E-Speak contains Java code examples throughout. It also includes comprehensive case studies in supply chain management and location-based mobile services. Whatever Internet services you intend to deploy, this book is your complete blueprint for getting the job done.


    The accompanying CD-ROM contains the e-Speak software to get developers started, plus working code examples, tools, and the databases used in the book.

    Table of contents

    1. Copyright
    2. Hewlett-Packard® Professional Books
    4. PREFACE
    7. Web Services
      1. The Web Service Phenomenon
        1. The Information Age and the Internet
        2. The Web of Services
        3. The Ecosystem
      2. E-Speak Overview
        1. The E-Speak Service Engine
        2. Service Registry
        3. Service Framework Specification
    8. Web Service Development
      1. A Simple E-Speak Service
        1. Interfaces and the ESIDL Compiler
        2. The Greeting Service
        3. Deploying a Service
        4. The Service Client
        5. In Action
      2. Understanding Client-Service Interactions
        1. Communicating Results to the Client
        2. A Service’s Many Clients
        3. Problems with Single-Instance Service Deployment
        4. Effective Service Architectures
        5. Where Do You Stand?
      3. Vocabularies and Contracts
        1. Vocabularies
        2. Contracts
        3. Registering in Multiple Contracts and Vocabularies
      4. Advanced Service Interactions
        1. Events
        2. Service Composition
        3. Out-of-Band Data Transfer
        4. Service Portals
    9. Web Service Deployment
      1. Multicore Environment
        1. Multicore Architecture
        2. The Advertising Service
        3. Hotel Ecosystem Revisited
        4. Supporting a Multicore Deployment
      2. Security
        1. Security Levels
        2. Private Security Environment
        3. Attribute-Based Certificates
        4. In Action
        5. Default Security Environment
        6. Certificate Issuers
      3. Firewall Traversal
        1. Firewalls and E-speak Services
        2. Accessing a Service Inside a Firewall
        3. Hotel Ecosystem with Firewalls
        4. In Action
        5. Security Considerations
        6. Accessing a Service Outside a Firewall
      4. Persistence
        1. Persistence
        2. Persistifying Service References
        3. Persistifying Services
        4. Core Repositories
        5. Persistifying Advertising Services
      5. Service Registries
        1. A Registry as a Directory
        2. E-services Village
        3. Maturing of the Registry Concept
        4. The Future of Registries
    10. Applied E-Speak
      1. Case Studies
        1. Procurement
        2. RFQ Basics
        3. RFQ Business Process Flow
        4. RFQ Processing for AmCAR, Inc.
        5. AmCAR RFQ System
        6. The AmCAR Procurement Ecosystem
        7. Deployment
        8. Location-Based Mobile Services
        9. Summary
      2. E-services and Web Services
        1. Service Invocation
        2. Security Provisions
        3. Low-Level Interoperability Infrastructure
        4. High-Level Interoperability Infrastructure
        5. Service Description
        6. Service Registries
        7. Orchestration of Public Business Processes
        8. Integration with Behind-the-Firewall Workflows
        9. Summary
      3. Comparable Technologies
        1. E-Speak Engine
        2. Registry Technologies
        3. Service Framework
      4. Competitive Landscape
        1. Recognized Leaders
        2. Strong Industry Participants
        3. Honorable Mentions
        4. Summary
      5. Future of E-services and Web Services at HP
        1. E-Speak Technology
        2. Registry
        3. Focus on Standards
        4. Summary
    11. Appendixes
        1. Installing e-Speak
        2. Uninstalling e-Speak
        1. Datasources
        1. Order Database
        2. Hotel Pricing Database
        3. Airline Pricing Database
        1. Adding Numeric Attributes
        2. Adding Nonnumeric Attributes
        1. Using ESConnection Properties
        1. Runtime Exceptions
        2. Recoverable Exceptions
        3. User-Defined Exceptions
    12. GLOSSARY
      1. A
      2. B
      3. C
      4. D
      5. E
      6. F
      7. G
      8. H
      9. I
      10. J
      11. K
      12. L
      13. M
      14. N
      15. O
      16. P
      17. Q
      18. R
      19. S
      20. T
      21. U
      22. V
      23. W
      24. X

    Product information

    • Title: Web Services: A Java™ Developer’s Guide Using E-Speak
    • Author(s): Naresh Apte, Toral Mehta
    • Release date: November 2001
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 9780130623386