Chapter 5. Programming Apache SOAP

With a basic understanding of Apache SOAP, we are now ready for more in-depth coverage of select topics. These topics include:

  • Passing arrays between client and server

  • Passing JavaBeans between client and server

  • Registering new type mappings

  • Working with literal XML documents

  • Handling SOAP faults and exceptions

  • Maintaining session state

This chapter is built around a series of five example SOAP applications that will help explain these topics. The first four applications illustrate services provided by a fictional e-commerce company that sells software over the Web. The final application provides a simple counting service that illustrates the creation of stateful SOAP services. Each application includes full client code, service code, and a description of relevant APIs.


Apache SOAP can use SMTP for the transport of SOAP messages. Nonetheless, all examples within this chapter assume the (more popular) use of HTTP.

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