Key Performance Indicators for Business Sites (Lead Generation)

It is extremely common that the activity that a web site wants the visitor to take is as simple as taking the next step. Especially for products or services with long and complex sales cycles, getting a qualified lead is as good as gold. Business sites like these have just as good key performance indicators as direct-to-consumer online models.

The majority of business sites on the Internet don’t sell anything directly via the Internet; they exist to provide information about their products or services. Automobile manufacturers like Nissan and Porsche, well-known brands like Purina and Procter & Gamble, and even software as service companies like Omniture and Coremetrics, each have a vested interest in providing you information in trade for some personal information (the lead).

The general strategy for lead-generating sites is to provide just enough information to help determine that they’re the right solution and then provide multiple contact channels so the visitor can get more engaged (for example, talk to someone in sales). There are, of course, a handful of key performance indicators for lead-generation sites to look for opportunity and monitor for problems.

Basic Key Performance Indicators for Business Sites

The following key performance indicators should be considered core to the regular reporting for any lead-generating site. Each assumes a constant period of time unless otherwise noted.

Lead generation conversion ...

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