Chapter 2. Planning Makes Web Design Easier

In This Chapter

  • Pinpointing your Web site goals

  • Understanding the benefits of developing a plan

  • Stepping through a project plan

  • Accommodating new ideas while sticking to your plan

  • Creating an organized, consistent design

If a potential partner approached you with a "great new business idea" guaranteed to make you money, you'd probably ask a lot of questions before you even considered writing a check to get things started. You'd probably also develop a business plan, or at least explore in detail how the new business would work, how much it would cost you, and how much money you could expect to make in return.

If you're considering creating a Web site, or redesigning the one you already have, I recommend taking the same cautious approach. After all, a good Web site is an extension of your business — and, in many cases, a new product, service, or storefront that deserves the same level of planning as any other serious business venture. Even if you're creating a site for a hobby, vacation photos, or pictures of your family, the principles covered in this chapter will help ensure that developing your site goes smoothly and the final result gains you all the approval and praise you deserve.

This chapter is designed to help you carefully consider the many aspects of planning a Web site before you start building. You'll also find a series of questions to help guide you through the early stages of the development process.


If you can complete the exercises ...

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