Chapter 8. Creating a Business Web Site

Creating a Business Web Site
  • Editing images for templates

  • Putting together a business home page in Dreamweaver

  • Creating other pages from a Web template

  • Using background images in Web designs

Once in a while, I still meet small-business owners who ask, "Do I really need to have a Web site?" Today, the answer is easy: "Yes." And, increasingly, the owners of even the smallest businesses have caught on to the many advantages of creating, or extending, their business online: Creating a site for a business can help sell more of its products, attract more customers, and better serve the existing customers.

Whether you're creating a site for the first time or redesigning a site, you can customize the templates featured in this book to create nearly any kind of Web site, whether you want a site for your carpentry business, law firm, photography studio, or nearly anything else you can imagine promoting online.

In this chapter, you walk through the steps of customizing templates designed to meet the needs of many small businesses.

Introducing the Business Site Templates

Although every business is different, most good business Web sites have some things in common: basic information about the business or service, photos, sample work, contact information, and so on. A testimonials page is another good idea for any business, such as the one my friend, actor Yuval David, features on his site, ...

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