F.18. IMAP

imap_open(string mailbox, string user, string password [, int options])
resourceOpens an IMAP stream to a mailbox.
imap_reopen(resource stream_id, string mailbox [, int options])
boolReopens an IMAP stream to a new mailbox.
imap_append(resource stream_id, string folder, string message [, string options])
boolAppends a new message to a specified mailbox.
imap_num_msg(resource stream_id)
intGives the number of messages in the current mailbox.
imap_ping(resource stream_id)
boolChecks if the IMAP stream is still active.
imap_num_recent(resource stream_id)
intGives the number of recent messages in current mailbox.
imap_get_quota(resource stream_id, string qroot)
arrayReturns the quota set to the mailbox account qroot.
imap_get_quotaroot(resource stream_id, string mbox)
arrayReturns the quota set to the mailbox account mbox.
imap_set_quota(resource stream_id, string qroot, int mailbox_size)
boolSets the quota for qroot mailbox.
imap_setacl(resource stream_id, string mailbox, string id, string rights)
boolSets the ACL for a given mailbox.
imap_getacl(resource stream_id, string mailbox)
arrayGets the ACL for a given mailbox.
imap_expunge(resource stream_id)
boolPermanently deletes all messages marked for deletion.
imap_close(resource stream_id [, int options])
boolCloses an IMAP stream.
imap_headers(resource stream_id)
arrayReturns headers for all messages in a mailbox.
imap_body(resource stream_id, int msg_no [, int options])
stringReads the message ...

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