Managing WebLogic JTA

The Administration Console lets you configure and monitor the transaction service for a WebLogic domain. The configuration settings for JTA are persisted in the domain’s config.xml configuration file. You can specify values for the transaction timeouts, set the behavior of the transaction manager, and define how transaction logs are maintained. The JTA configuration attributes apply at the domain level, while the monitoring and logging tasks apply at the individual server level. You can access the configuration attributes for the JTA by selecting the domain from the left panel and then choosing the Configuration/JTA tab. All of these JTA settings can be altered dynamically while the servers are running. Here’s a description of the JTA settings you can modify for the domain:

Timeout Seconds

This determines the transaction timeout for active transactions. This is relevant to active transactions that have not yet entered the prepare phase (defaults to 30 seconds).

Abandon Timeout Seconds

The server will abandon a transaction after this amount of time has passed (defaults to 24hrs). A transaction can be abandoned after it has entered the prepare phase of a two-phase commit.

Before Completion Iteration Limit

This setting determines the limit on the number of Synchronization objects that can be registered for a transaction (defaults to 10).

Max Transactions

This setting determines the maximum number of simultaneous transactions allowed on a WebLogic Server instance ...

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