Configuring Resource Adapters

We will use Sun’s JDBC Connector to illustrate the various issues pertaining to the configuration of resource adapters. Sun’s JDBC Connector lets you plug any JDBC-compliant driver into a J2EE Application Server. Its resource adapters serve as pluggable JCA wrappers around the JDBC driver and its connection factories. Please visit for more information on Sun’s JDBC Connector, and on how to download the product.

The downloaded ZIP packages resource adapters that implement the Service Provider Interface (SPI) contracts using the functionality of the DriverManager, the DataSource, the ConnectionPoolDataSource, and the XADataSource classes in a JDBC driver. It also contains resource adapters that implement the CCI contracts using the functionality of the XADataSource. Two versions of each resource adapter are included, one conforming to the Connector v1.0 specification and the other conforming to the more recent Connector v1.5 specification. You have to use the Version 1.0 files (for instance, cci_10_xa.rar) that are supported by WebLogic 8.1.

Generic Settings for the Resource Adapter

The standard ra.xml descriptor file captures general-purpose information about the J2EE connector. In the case of the XA-based JDBC Connector cci_10_xa.rar, the standard XML descriptor includes the following metadata:

<connector> <display-name>XADataSource Resource Adapter</display-name> <description> Resource adapter wrapping ...

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