Handling System Failure

The backup data will help recover from a system failure. As we shall see, the Administration Server and Managed Servers have different backup considerations. In particular, you can set up the Managed Servers to start without the Administration Server.

Restarting the Administration Server

By default, the Administration Server can discover the presence of any of the Managed Servers running in the domain. Therefore, when the Administration Server shuts down while the Managed Servers continue to run, you don’t need to restart the Managed Servers to ensure the Administration Server can regain control of the domain. The Administration Server maintains the current state of all Managed Servers that are under its control in a file called running-managed-servers.xml, which resides under the domain’s root directory. The Administration Server uses this file to discover those Managed Servers under its control. You also can disable this discovery of running Managed Servers in the domain by setting the property -Dweblogic.management.discover=false in the startup script for the Administration Server. We do not recommend that you do this.

However, if a system crash has corrupted your WebLogic installation or prevents you from restarting the Administration Server on the same machine, you need to restore the Administration Server on another machine and let it regain control over the Managed Servers. Typically, you will need to take the following series of steps:

  1. Install WebLogic ...

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