JavaScript API Reference

The rest of this chapter contains a quick-reference for the core and client-side JavaScript APIs. It documents the complete core JavaScript API, covers the legacy (Level 0) DOM API, and presents a simplified view of the W3C Level 2 DOM API. Portions of that API not relevant to JavaScript programmers working with HTML documents have been omitted. The upper-right corner of the title block for each reference entry contains information that states whether a feature is part of the core or client-side API, and further indicates which version of JavaScript, which browsers, or which version of the DOM introduced the feature.

Because JavaScript is a loosely-typed language, there is not an official set of class names for the classes and objects of the JavaScript API, and they sometimes appear under different names in different references. The following table summarizes the reference entries that follow, and allows you to quickly scan for the class or object you are interested in.


A named position in a document


A Java applet


The arguments of a function


Array creation and manipulation


An attribute of a document element


A wrapper object for boolean values


An HTML comment


Signals DOM errors


Creates documents, checks DOM features


Manipulates dates and times


An HTML document


Nodes to be manipulated together


An HTML tag in a document ...

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