Attr, Comment, Document, DocumentFragment, Element, Text


All nodes in an HTML document are instances of one of the Node subclasses listed above. Every Node object has a nodeType property that specifies which of the subclasses it is an instance of. The following constants are the legal values for nodeType. Note that these are static properties of Node, not properties of individual Node objects. They are not defined in Internet Explorer 4, 5, or 6; in those browsers you must use the corresponding integer literals.

Node.ELEMENT_NODE = 1;          // Element
Node.ATTRIBUTE_NODE = 2;        // Attr
Node.TEXT_NODE = 3;             // Text
Node.COMMENT_NODE = 8;          // Comment
Node.DOCUMENT_NODE = 9;         // Document
Node.DOCUMENT_FRAGMENT_NODE=11; // DocumentFragment


attributes[ ]

If this Node is an Element, the attributes property is a read-only array of Attr objects that represent the attributes of the element. The array can be indexed by number or by attribute name. All HTML attributes have corresponding Element properties, however, so it is uncommon to use the attributes[ ] array.

childNodes[ ]

This read-only array of Node objects contains the children of this node. If the node has no children, this property is a zero-length array.


This read-only property refers to the first child Node of this node, or null if the node has no children.


This read-only property refers to the last child Node of this node, or null if the node has no children.


The sibling ...

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