Insert an image into the current text flow.


align =type

Align the image to either the top, middle, bottom (default), left, or right of the text in the line. For Netscape Navigator, additionally align to the texttop, absmiddle, absbottom, or baseline of the text.

alt =text

Provide descriptive text for nonimage-capable browsers, tool tips, telephone browsers, and search engines.

border =n

Set the pixel thickness of the border around images contained within hyperlinks.


Add playback controls for embedded video clips.

dynsrc =url

Specify the URL of a video clip to be displayed.

height =n

Specify the height of the image in pixels.

hspace =n

Specify the space, in pixels, to be added to the left and right of the image.


Indicate that the image is mouse-selectable when used within an <a> tag.

longdesc =url

Provide the URL of a document describing the image.

loop =value

Set the number of times to play the video; value may be an integer or the value infinite.

lowsrc =url

Specify a low-resolution image to be loaded by the browser first, followed by the image specified by the <src> attribute.

src =url

Specify the source URL of the image to be displayed (required).

name =name

Provide a name for the image for use by JavaScript.

onabort =applet

Provide an applet to be run if the loading of the image is aborted.

onerror =applet

Provide an applet to be run if the loading of the image is unsuccessful.

onload =applet

Provide an ...

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