Chapter 7. Infrastructure 171
If you need a more accurate estimation of your hardware requirements and you already have
your application, you can run a benchmark. Before you start the production, validate the
sizing with a performance test campaign.
For more information about benchmarks, see the following websites:
7.4.2 Sizing dynamic infrastructures
In a dynamic cluster, the application placement controller needs sizing and application
placement decisions based on service policies. A service policy allows workloads to be
classified, prioritized, and intelligently routed, which makes a manual sizing for individual
resources unnecessary.
In a dynamic cluster, all resources that run in the applications are virtualized. They are then
created, started, and stopped as needed for the current workload. To estimate the resources
needed for a new application, use the techniques described in 7.4.1, “Sizing static
infrastructures” on page 170. After the application is running on the performance test or
production environment, the health controller can help you to decide whether the estimation
was correct.
The health controller can run predefined and custom corrective actions if the defined health
conditions for an application are not met. You can also define email notifications that are sent
out when health conditions warrant.
7.5 Monitoring
Because most WebSphere technology-based applications are web-based applications, 247
availability is essential. The tolerance of Internet users for unavailable sites is low. They
usually navigate to the next site if your site is not operable, meaning you lose potential
customers. Therefore, track and monitor the availability of your site so that you recognize
when things are going wrong and can react in a timely manner.
Efficient monitoring combined with a sophisticated alerting and problem handling procedure
can increase the availability of your service significantly. Therefore, you must plan for
monitoring and problem handling. Do not wait until your environment becomes unproductive.
7.5.1 Environment analysis for monitoring
Careful planning for monitoring is essential, and must start with a detailed analysis of the
environment to be monitored. Ensure that the full environment is monitored and that no
component is overlooked.
To analyze the monitoring requirements for your environment, consider the factors in the
following sections to give you an overview of what needs to be done.

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