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Chapter 8. Migrating from JBoss
This chapter describes the migration of Java Enterprise Edition applications from JBoss to
WebSphere Application Server V8.5 using the following examples:
򐂰 The Kitchensink application from JBoss Quickstarts distribution.
򐂰 The online brokerage sample application from Geronimo project V1.0, which has JBoss
specific features.
At the time of the writing of this book, we used the latest version of JBoss Application Server,
7.1.1 Final, which is certified for Java EE 6 full profile, for our example.
This chapter describes the following topics:
򐂰 Migrating from older versions
򐂰 Application Migration Tool - JBoss AS to WebSphere
򐂰 Preparing the environment
򐂰 Migrating the Kitchensink application of the JBoss Quickstarts distribution
򐂰 Migrating the Online Brokerage application

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