404 WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Migration Guide
6. Browse to the location where the rebuilt PlantsByWebsphere.ear file is.
7. Provide the Application name, location, and other details.
8. Map the Application Modules to the target application server.
9. Review the summary and save the configuration.
10.Start the application and access PlansByWebSphere at:
For a detailed step by step procedure for installing the PlantsByWebSphere.ear file on
WebSphere Application Server and running it, see 12.2.4, “Installing Plants By WebSphere
from the administrative console” on page 386 and 12.2.5, “Running the sample application”
on page 388.
12.4 Probability Distribution Sample
The Probability Distribution Sample is a small JSF application that you can use to do some
simple experiments with various random number distributions. The application uses the JSF
Widget Library (JWL) that is provided as part of Rational Application Developer. This library is
only supported for JSF pages that are built using the JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology.
The most recent versions of this library (Version 3.1.6 or higher) are compatible with the JSF
2.0 specification and run on WebSphere Application Server V8.0 and V8. However, when we
enhance the application to take advantage of the new JSF 2.0 functionality, we must address
the deprecation of this library.
12.4.1 Importing the application into Rational Application Developer V8.5
Use Rational Application Developer to install the application into both versions (Version 6.1
and Version 8.5) of the WebSphere Application Server. To start the migration process, import
the application into the Rational Application Developer workspace by completing the
following steps:
1. Click File Import... , click Java EE EAR File, and click Next.
2. Click Browse and select the blackswan2.ear file.
3. As the file name of the EAR file is the same as the name of the WAR file that is included in
the EAR file, Rational Application Developer warns us that there is a name clash in the
project names. To resolve this clash, change the name of the EAR project
to blackswan2ear.
4. Because you are installing the imported EAR file in to WebSphere Application Server
Version 6.1, set up that run time now by clicking New.... On the “New Server Runtime
Environment” wizard, select WebSphere Application Server 6.1 and click Next. Click
Browse, select the installation directory for WebSphere Application Server Version 6.1,
and click Finish.
5. Back in the Enterprise Application Import wizard, click Finish.
Downloading sample applications: For details about how to download the sample
applications that are used in this chapter, see Appendix B, “Additional material” on
page 435.

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