Chapter 26. Mediation problem determination 569
26.5.2 Verify the message is being routed to the mediated destination
The use of forward routing paths is a common reason that a mediation is not
performed. The forward routing path is a property of the message that can be
used by the producing application to determine a route for the message. As a
result, a message, once in the system, might be routed differently than expected.
A mediation can be used to manipulate the forward and reverse routing paths of
a message.
For more information about forward routing path capabilities see Destination
routing paths at:
Ensure the correct destination is being mediated and that the routing path is
correct for your configuration.
The mediated destination is usually the destination from which the application is
expecting to consume messages. For a more complex application design that
uses the forward routing path capabilities, you need to examine the application
design to determine which destinations are mediated.
One option is to inject a message and trace it through the system. An alternative
is to use the administrative console to stop the message points, starting them
one at a time to watch the message manually traverse the path.
If you make changes to application server resources, you need to restart the
application server for those changes to take effect.
26.6 Messages are waiting to be mediated
If messages are not being consumed by any application but appear to be waiting
to be mediated, collect and analyze the diagnostic data to determine what is
causing the messages to wait.

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