20 WebSphere Application Server V6.0 for OS/400: A Guide to Getting Started
that you read and familiarize yourself with the tutorials and help text that are published on the
Help/Tutorials tabs on the Workload Estimator input panes.
These publications contain in-depth information that help you to define your server sizing
requirements. For added assistance, Workload Estimator also contains hyperlinks to
additional online help resources on most of the input panes.
When you have verified your server hardware requirements and are satisfied that your
System i model will be able to accommodate your workload, you can start preparing to install
your WebSphere Application Server - Express V6 software.
2.2 Pre-installation considerations
You can save yourself much time and frustration by carefully planning your installation steps.
This way you will also ensure that you have not overlooked anything, which ultimately
translates into a faster and smoother implementation of WebSphere Application Server -
Express V6.
In the sections that follow, we discuss some of the WebSphere Application Server software
requirements and focus on a few items to assist you in planning the installation of WebSphere
Application Server - Express V6.
2.2.1 Order your software
WebSphere Application Server - Express V6 is automatically included with OS/400 V5R3 and
i5/OS V5R4. Therefore, no additional software or license keys are required to install and use
WebSphere Application Server - Express V6.
In addition, IBM Passport Advantage® provides you with an easy-to-use and secure Web
facility to order and download IBM software directly to your server. You can access IBM
Passport Advantage at the following Web address:
For more information about the available product options and how to obtain the software, see
the following Web address:
2.2.2 Check for prior product installations
Before you start installing your WebSphere Application Server software, determine if any
other WebSphere Application Server software is currently installed on your server. In
particular, see if WebSphere Application Server - Express V6 is already installed.
Tip: The publication WebSphere Application Server for OS/400 Installation Version 6
contains valuable, detailed information that can assist you in implementing WebSphere
Application Server. You can download the complete document from the Web at:
We recommend that you read this publication in conjunction with this redbook.
Chapter 2. Planning for WebSphere Application Server installation 21
You can verify whether WebSphere Application Server - Express V6 is installed by using the
iSeries Navigator interface, as shown in Figure 2-8. Expand Configuration and Service
Software Installed Products. In the right pane, search for the product ID
Figure 2-8 Determine installed WebSphere components
You can also use the Display Software Resources (DSPSFWRSC) OS/400 command to
obtain this information.
There are a number of reasons why you want to determine which WebSphere products are
already installed on your server, for example:
򐂰 Only certain supported WebSphere Application Server for iSeries products can coexist
with each other. You can obtain detailed information about WebSphere product
coexistence on the Web at:
򐂰 WebSphere Application Server V6 and WebSphere Application Server - Express V6 share
the same product installation directory and therefore
cannot coexist. The product
installation directory is the System i5 integrated file system directory
򐂰 WebSphere Application Server V6 is an upgrade from the WebSphere Application Server
- Express V6 product. Consider an example where you previously installed WebSphere
Application Server - Express V6, and at some later point in time, you install the

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