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Chapter 6. Managing WebSphere resources
In this chapter, you look at other resources inside of the IBM Web Administration for iSeries
page as well as at JDBC providers, data sources, and JDBC drivers. You learn the difference
between the Native and Toolbox JDBC drivers and when to use each. We present more
in-depth views on custom properties and other settings in Chapter 7, “Working with the
WebSphere Administrative Console” on page 87, since they are only available there.
You also learn how to create another HTTP server and associate it with WebSphere to test
the snoop servlet and Plants By WebSphere application. And at the end of the chapter, you
learn how to create a WebSphere instance of your own.
Note: IBM constantly improves and updates the Web Administration for iSeries interface.
As the result, some of the panes might look slightly different from what you see in this

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