xvi WebSphere Business Integrator Server Foundation V5.1 Handbook
The team that wrote this redbook
This redbook was produced by a team of specialists from around the world
working at the International Technical Support Organization, Raleigh Center.
The Team (left to right): Salman Moghal, Raphael Mueller, Lisa Boardman, Richard Johnson,
Hirotake Kitabayashi, Giles Dring, Peter Kovari
Peter Kovari is a WebSphere Specialist at the International Technical Support
Organization, Raleigh Center. He writes extensively about all areas of
WebSphere. His areas of expertise include e-business, e-commerce, security,
Internet technologies and mobile computing. Before joining the ITSO, he worked
as an IT Specialist for IBM in Hungary.
Lisa Boardman is an IT Specialist at IBM Global Services Australia. Her areas
of expertise include Web application development, Web Services and Internet
technologies. She has two years of experience at IBM and holds a Bachelor of
Computer and Information Science and a Bachelor of Arts(Multimedia Studies)
from the University of South Australia.
Giles Dring is an IT Architect in IBM Global Services based in the UK. He works
with large UK-based companies to create solutions to their business problems.
Lately, he has been spending much of his time helping a UK government
department realize its vision of an integration infrastructure. He is also a teacher
within the IBM Architectural Methods curriculum and has a keen interest in
solution performance. He earned a Masters degree in Electronic and Computer
Engineering from the University of Leeds.
Preface xvii
Richard Johnson is an Advisory IT Specialist for the IBM Software Services for
WebSphere consultancy, based at IBM Hursley Park, UK. In this role, he works
as an expert on WebSphere and J2EE, designing and implementing solutions
for IBM clients and business partners across EMEA and worldwide. Richard's
areas of specialization include Process Choreographer, Web Services and
WebSphere to CICS® integration. He has three years of consulting experience
and two previous years within CICS Transaction Server development. He holds a
Masters degree in Chemistry from the University of Oxford.
Hirotake Kitabayashi is a System Engineer for Hitachi Software Engineering in
Tokyo, Japan. Currently, he is working at the IBM WebSphere Performance Lab
in Rochester as a trainee. He has four years of experience in Web and J2EE
technologies. His areas of expertise include Java™ programming, J2EE
performance, Web Services and e-commerce solutions.
Salman Moghal is a Senior IT Specialist for the IBM Software Services for
WebSphere group based in IBM Toronto Lab, Canada. He is a technical lead
and application architect for WebSphere products, with over eleven years of
combined software development experience in Web technologies since 1993.
His areas of expertise include WebSphere and J2EE design, WebSphere
performance and migration, and e-business technologies. Salman's key focus is
on WebSphere Process Choreographer, Web Services, Business Integration,
and emerging open-source technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering
degree in Computer Science from Mississippi State University.
Raphael Mueller works as an IT Specialist within the WebSphere Lab-based
Services department in the development laboratory of Boeblingen, Germany. He
has been working with IBM for more than four years as a Software Engineer in
the development team for DB2® Performance Expert. His areas of expertise
include DB2, WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Process
Choreographer, J2EE technologies, and computer graphics. He holds a
Diplom-Ingenieur degree in Computer Science from the University of Applied
Sciences Bingen, Germany.
Sudhakar Nagarajan is an IBM WebSphere Certified Specialist, presently team
leader for the WebSphere Globalization testing team under the Software group at
RTP. Prior to joining the Software group, he was an IT specialist under Global
Services, working with various clients. His background includes over ten years of
application design, development and project management on both
mainframe-based and distributed systems across a wide variety of industries and
platforms. He holds a Master's degree in Manufacturing Engineering from REC
Tiruchy, India.
Yu Zeng is a Senior I/T Specialist and certified administrator of WebSphere
Application Server in the AP South Product Introduction Center. Yu Zeng has
over six years of J2EE experience in the IT industry. In addition, he has in-depth

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