380 WebSphere Business Integration Adapters
22.1 Setting up the custom ODA
The custom ODA consists of several components:
The common.jar file which facilitates communication with the back-end
The ODARedMaintenance.jar file, the ODA itself, which is built using the
Development Kit.
The policy.txt file, which contains the Java security policy settings.
The startODARedMaintence.bat file, which is the startup batch file.
Move these files into their correct place and create the start mechanism by
following these steps:
1. Navigate to the ODA directory of the WebSphere Business Integration
Adapters directory:
2. Within this directory, create a new folder named RM.
3. Navigate to the Additional Materials and a folder named ODA.
4. Copy the contents of this directory to the newly created RM ODA folder.
5. Create a windows shortcut to start the ODA. The startup file for the ODA is
6. Create the shortcut in the following folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\IBM WebSphere
Business Integration Adapters\Adapters\Object Discovery Agent
Putting the shortcut in this directory ensures that it can be started from the
Programs menu.
7. For the ODA to be able to communicate with the back-end application, the
application must be running. If it is not, execute the rmiregistry command
from a command prompt. Leave this window minimized.
8. Start the RedMaintenance Engine.
9. Using the shortcut that you created for the ODA, start the RedMaintenance

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