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Chapter 23. Packaging the custom
adapter for distribution
To run in the IBM WebSphere business Integration System, a connector must
have a definition. Predefined adapters, which are provided by WebSphere
Business Integration Adapters, have predefined connector definitions in the
repository. A system administrator need only configure the application and set
the connector’s configuration properties to run the connector.
This chapter discusses the connector naming conventions that make our
connector files easier to locate and identify and explains how to define the
connector. It also tells you how to create the WebSphere MQ objects, prepare
the connector environment, create and execute the startup script for the
connector, and create a Windows shortcut to use with the connector in order for
the IBM WebSphere Business Integration System to use the connector.
Note: All of the files relating to the RM custom adapter can be found in the
Additional Materials in the RM folder.

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