484 WebSphere Business Integration Adapters
Your completed flow should look similar to that shown in Figure 26-11, plus any
additional trace nodes that you have added.
Figure 26-11 RedTenant_to_RedsMaint_Request so far
26.4 Deploying Message Sets and Message Flows
This section explains how to deploy Message Sets and the first of the Message
Flows to the Broker. Before you deploy, clear the messages off any of the
adapter queues so that you have a clean starting point for testing. Ensure that
the RMConnector is not running and that the JMSConnector is running either in
polling or not polling mode. It does not matter at this point.
To start the deployment:
1. Navigate to the Message Broker Toolkit.
2. Switch to Broker Administration perspective.
3. In the Domains panel, right-click the Broker Domain name and select
Connect to connect to the Configuration Manager.
4. When you are connected, right-click the Broker name and select New
Execution Group (see Figure 26-12 on page 485).
5. Enter a name. We chose RedMaintenance.
6. Click Next.
Chapter 26. Building and testing message flow for Retrieve 485
Figure 26-12 New execution group
7. Enter a description.
8. Click Finish.
9. In the Domains View (Figure 26-13), look for the name of the new Execution
Group with a yellow exclamation mark next to it. This mark indicates that there
are currently no Message Flows running in this Execution Group.
Figure 26-13 Domains view
486 WebSphere Business Integration Adapters
10.The Alerts view that is shown in Figure 26-14 confirms that the Execution
Group is not running a Message Flow.
Figure 26-14 Alerts view
You now need to deploy the Message Sets and Message Flows to the broker.
11.Select File New Message Broker Archive (see Figure 26-15 on
page 487).
Note: If you are unfamiliar with the latest release of the Message Broker, it is
slightly different from prior releases. In Version 5 of the Message Broker, both
Message Flows and Message Sets are deployed to the Execution Group in
which they will run using a Broker Archive (BAR) file.
Chapter 26. Building and testing message flow for Retrieve 487
Figure 26-15 New BAR name
12.Enter a name for the new BAR file. We chose RedMaintenance_Archives.
13.Select Finish. The new empty BAR file is ready for you to add the artifacts
(see Figure 26-16 on page 488).
488 WebSphere Business Integration Adapters
Figure 26-16 Add artifacts
14.Click Add (the button with the green square).
15.Select the Message Sets and Message Flows, as shown in Figure 26-17.
Figure 26-17 Select artifacts

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