496 WebSphere Business Integration Adapters
Figure 26-26 Response message
5. When all of this information is correct, you are ready to build the message
flow to handle the response.
6. Shut down the JMSConnector.
26.6 RedMaint_to_RedTenant_Response
The back-end application transmits the results of the look-up to the
RMConnector, which transforms the application data to a business object and
places it on the response queue for the broker. The broker transforms this data to
the business object format that is required by the JMS connector and puts the
message in the request queue for the JMS connector. The JMS connector
transforms the data to the application format required by the front-end application
and puts it on to the application’s response queue.
Chapter 26. Building and testing message flow for Retrieve 497
Figure 26-27 shows an overview of this process.
Figure 26-27 Complete response flow
Do not concern yourself with the emitter for the time being.
The flow for this initial stage contains the following nodes:
Compute (SetRouting)
Label (ResponseRetrieve)
Compute (PrepareTenantMessage)
MQOutput (RespondToRequestor
To create the flow:
1. Open the RedMaint_to_RedTenant_Response flow.
2. Drag these nodes to the Message Flow Editor canvas, rename them
accordingly, and wire them together.

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