554 WebSphere Business Integration Adapters
Figure 27-34 Message Flow so far
27.9 Deploying RedMaint_to_RedTenant_Response
To deploy Redmaint_to_RedTenant_Response:
1. Go back to the Broker Administration perspective.
2. Using the technique that is described in 26.8, “Deploying the Message Flows”
on page 511 to add the changed flow to the Broker Archive file.
3. Save this updated BAR file.
4. Redeploy to the RedMaintenance Execution Group.
27.10 Unit testing RedMaint_to_RedTenant_Response
Using the techniques learned so far, you can unit test the transformation of the
response message to the front-end application response queue. Check the
metaobject configuration, if necessary, to see where the JMSConnector should
put the application response for a create request. This business object is the
JMS_MO_Config business object.

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