670 WebSphere Business Integration Adapters
Figure 30-39 shows the message data.
Figure 30-39 Message created by the InhouseSend service
30.2 Developing the adapter send update service
Similar to the InhouseSend service, you can now create a service for the RM2
connector that is configured on the Message Broker machine.
30.2.1 Creating artifacts and deploying adapter in System Manager
To create artifacts and deploy the adapter:
1. On the Message Broker machine, start System Manager.
2. Create a new ICL for the artifacts that you create for the WebSphere version
of RMConnector. (We called ours RedMaintenanceForSF.)
3. Copy the RM_Maintenance business object from the RedMaintenance ICL to
the new ICL.
Chapter 30. Adding human interaction using WebSphere BI Server Foundation 671
4. Create a new Connector (RM2Connector) with the properties that are shown
in the following figures. Remember to first change the Standard Property for
Broker Type to WAS to ensure that the correct properties display.
Figure 30-40 RM2Connector standard properties
672 WebSphere Business Integration Adapters
Figure 30-41 RM2Connector connector-specific properties
Figure 30-42 RM2Connector supported business objects
Note that the Supported Business Objects contains only the business objects
(for a WebSphere connector there is no concept of a Message Set ID or a
map to accompany the business object).
5. Create a User Project of the type WAS Project (we named ours ForSF).
6. Add the business object and the connector from the new ICL to this project).
Figure 30-43 New User Project
7. Right-click this project and select Deploy WAS Project.
8. Verify that connector and business object are selected and click Next.
Chapter 30. Adding human interaction using WebSphere BI Server Foundation 673
Figure 30-44 Select objects to deploy
674 WebSphere Business Integration Adapters
9. Select the option to export to a directory and click Browse.
10.Point to a directory (we chose C:\Additional Materials\RM2) and click Finish.
Figure 30-45 Deploy

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