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Chapter 9. Synchronous event
processing (callback)
In many of today’s custom and off-the-shelf applications, a requirement exists to
provide an immediate, or synchronous, response to an internal event within the
application. Although this response could be fulfilled through the existing event
framework, event processing is asynchronous in nature and does not easily
allow an adapter developer to correlate an event with this disparate business
object request that can arrive later.
To overcome this issue, a new method was introduced in the Version 2.1 release
of the WebSphere Business Integration Adapter Framework that allows for
synchronous handling of requests from an application. This method,
executeCollaboration, handles the sending of the request to the broker
automatically and correlates the broker response for reply to the application,
which simplifies the coding requirements for a custom adapter.
This chapter provides details about this new method.

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