204 WebSphere Business Integration Adapters
14.1 Developing the ODA
The ODA for this scenario is developed using WebSphere Studio.
14.1.1 Setting up the development environment
When you develop and test the ODA, specify the necessary *.jar files as follows:
1. Open the pop-up menu by clicking the right mouse button on your project.
2. Select Properties (Figure 14-1).
Figure 14-1 Project properties
Chapter 14. Object Discovery Agent 205
The Java Build Path dialog box displays, as shown in Figure 14-2.
Figure 14-2 Java Build Path dialog box
3. Select the Libraries tab and click Add External JARS. Specify the following
necessary .jar files in the \lib\ subdirectory:
You also need the common*.jar file for they back-end application that the
ODA uses. This file is located at the IBM Redbooks Web site in the
SG246345 folder of the Additional Materials (see “Locating the Web material”
on page 887 for further information).

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