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This IBM® Redbook is a guide to the installation and basic configuration of
WebSphere® Business Integration Message Broker V5.0 and WebSphere
Business Integration Event Broker V5.0. It introduces message flow applications
development, and instructions for creating a simple message flow and message
set are provided.
We also describe how to configure broker domains and how to deploy message
flow applications to the broker.
The book includes details about where to look for diagnostic information in the
product and where to find more information about the product, including product
documentation updates and sample applications.
This redbook is intended for users who need to get up to speed with using the
new version of the product and the Message Brokers Toolkit.
The team that wrote this redbook
This redbook was produced by a team of specialists from the home of Business
Integration and Messaging Middleware product development, IBM Hursley.
x WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker Basics
From left: Cerys, Keren, and Laura
Below: Saida
Saida Davies is a Project Leader at International Technical Support
Organization (ITSO); she is a certified Senior IT Specialist and has 15 years of
experience in IT. Saida has published several Redbooks™ about various
business integration scenarios. She has experience in the architecture and
design of WebSphere MQ solutions, extensive knowledge of IBM z/OS®, and a
detailed working knowledge of both IBM and Independent Software Vendors’
operating system software. In a customer-facing role with IBM Global Services,
Preface xi
her role included the development of services for WebSphere MQ within z/OS
and Windows®. This covered the architecture, scope, design, project
management, and implementation of the software on stand-alone systems and
on systems in a Parallel Sysplex® environment. She has a degree in Computer
Science and her background includes z/OS systems programming.
Cerys Giddings is a Software Engineer and has worked on the WebSphere MQ
family of products since joining IBM Hursley in 2000. She has participated in
producing the IBM Certified System Administrator and WebSphere Business
Integration Message Broker V5 certification processes. She has 10 years of
experience in providing IT education and support, and holds a degree and
Masters from the University of Wales, as well as the BCS Professional
Examination at Certificate and Diploma levels.
Keren Lyndon is a usability practitioner and has worked with the IBM
WebSphere family of products since joining IBM Hursley, United Kingdom, as a
graduate in 2000. Keren is an advocate of user-centered design and very keen to
produce this redbook in order to enhance the initial experience for users of the
WebSphere Business Integration Broker products. She has seven years of
experience in the Information Technology industry, including time spent in
Frankfurt, Germany, as a Web information developer. Keren holds a degree in
modern languages and information technology from the University of the West of
England in Bristol, United Kingdom.
Laura Cowen is an Information Developer who has worked on WebSphere
Business Integration Message Broker and WebSphere MQ since joining IBM
Hursley in 2001. She specializes in writing documentation to go alongside
enhancements to the user experience of products in the WebSphere MQ family,
including sample applications for WebSphere Business Integration Message
Broker. While working on WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker, she
gained expertise in delivering Eclipse-based help systems. Prior to joining IBM,
Laura worked as a usability researcher. She is now the editor of a quarterly
magazine for the British Computer Society. She holds a degree and a Masters in
human-computer interaction from Lancaster University.
The redbook team thanks the following people for their guidance, assistance, and
contributions to this book:
Kuldeep Bhardwaj, Software Engineer, IBM
Chris Billing, Product Usability Design Administrator, IBM
Neil Dewhurst, Information Developer for WebSphere MQ, IBM Hursley
Matt Lucas, WebSphere Business Integration Brokers Development, IBM

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