156 WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker Basics
2. Click on the canvas of the Broker Topology editor to add a collective to the
Broker Topology.
3. Click the Connection tool in the palette part of the Broker Topology editor. Use
the Connection tool to connect two brokers to the collective by creating two
connections in the same way that connections between message flows nodes
are made in the Message Flow Editor.
4. Save the editor contents (File
Save). The save option has the following
format: Save WBRK_QM Topology.
5. A Topology Configuration Deploy message is displayed (Figure 5-8 on
page 146). Select either Delta or Complete to deploy the configuration
changes that have been made to the brokers.
Figure 5-13 shows a collective of two brokers: WBRK_BROKER and
Figure 5-13 Brokers joined in a collective
Using a collective enables publish/subscribe messages to be communicated
across brokers.
5.3.2 Topics
Topics that are defined in publication messages and in subscription messages
control the routing of publish/subscribe messages. When a publication is created
by an application, a message that passes through a publish/subscribe message
flow is routed to applications that have subscribed to receive messages on that
topic. You can set up definitions of topics and subtopics within the Message
Brokers Toolkit, and these can be used to configure topic-based security to limit
which applications can access which messages passing through the system.
In order to view users and groups for setting security on topics, the following
tasks must have been performed:
򐂰 A User Name Server must be been set up (ideally using the same queue
manager as the Configuration Manager).
Chapter 5. Administration 157
򐂰 Channels between the User Name Server queue manager and any brokers
queue managers must be set up.
򐂰 Use the mqsichangebroker command to set the -j parameter, and to set the
queue manager for the User Name Server onto any brokers in the domain,
using the following format:
mqsichangebroker WBRK_BROKER -j -s WBRK_QM
򐂰 Use the mqsichangeconfigmgr command to set the User Name Server queue
manager on the Configuration Manager using the following format:
mqsichangeconfigmgr -s WBRK_QM
These instructions give an overview for creating topics and assigning security to
assign the publishers and subscribers who can use the topics that are created:
1. In the Broker Administration perspective, double-click Topics in the Domains
2. In the Topics Hierarchy editor that is displayed, right-click in the Topics section
and select Create Topic from the context menu.
3. This opens the Topic wizard. Enter a name for the topic.
4. Click Next.
5. On the Principal Definition page (Figure 5-15 on page 159), define the
security settings for users and groups using the options to Deny or Allow
subscription or publication on this new topic. These can be added to and
edited later.
6. Click Finish to complete the task.

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