Chapter 2. WebSphere Commerce Portal architecture 51
WebSphere Portal Toolkit
The WebSphere Portal Toolkit is provided with WebSphere Portal and provides
an environment for developing portals using WebSphere Portal. The WebSphere
Portal Toolkit is a plug-in for WebSphere Studio Application Developer or
WebSphere Studio Site Developer, which adds the portal development
The WebSphere Portal Toolkit provides the ability to quickly create complete
MVC-compliant portlet applications. It also provides intuitive editors for working
with the deployment descriptors required by your portlet applications.
Furthermore, it allows you to dynamically debug your portlet applications.
Where to find more information
To find more detailed information on WebSphere Portal, refer to the following
򐂰 WebSphere Portal V4.1 Handbook Volume 1, SG24-6883
򐂰 WebSphere Portal V4.1 Handbook Volume 2, SG24-6920
򐂰 WebSphere Portal V4.1 Handbook Volume 3, SG24-6921
򐂰 WebSphere Portal V4.1 Developer’s Handbook, SG24-6897
򐂰 Mobile Applications with IBM WebSphere Everyplace Access Design and
Development, SG24-6259
򐂰 Access Integration Pattern using IBM WebSphere Portal Server, SG24-6267
2.3 Mobile client access
Over the past couple of years, mobile computing has increased dramatically and
many customers are in need of solutions for providing mobile client access to
commerce sites for mobile commerce. Simply put, mobile commerce, or
m-commerce, is electronic commerce using mobile devices such as a mobile
phone or a wireless PDA.
IBM has developed two solutions for providing mobile device access to
WebSphere Commerce Web sites, mobile commerce direct, and commerce
enabled portals. In either case, the mobile devices equipped with a micro Web
browser will be served content in a markup language the mobile device
understands, such as WAP WML or i-mode cHTML. WebSphere Commerce can
also communicate to clients using SMS or e-mail. However, in this redbook we
limit our mobile device support discussion to mobile clients with a micro Web
browser accessing a commerce enabled portal site.
52 WebSphere Commerce Portal V5.4 Solutions
Both WebSphere Commerce and WebSphere Portal include an architecture to
support mobile devices. For legacy reasons, WebSphere Commerce Portal uses
the PvC adapter technology included with WebSphere Commerce to support
mobile devices.
Unique challenges presented by mobile devices
This section describes the unique challenges presented by mobile devices, as
well as a functionality overview of the features added to enable WebSphere
Commerce for mobile commerce.
򐂰 Session control
Session control provides a means for a Web server to keep track of the client
system users’ transactions, valid URLs, and preferences. On a standard Web
browser client, session control is often maintained by using a cookie in
cooperation with the browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape
In the mobile computing world, some mobile devices do not support cookies
on the client device. In other cases, the session may be maintained by the
service provider protocol gateway (for example, WAP).
For this reason, the Web server needs another way to identify such a
cookie-less device as a client.
WebSphere Commerce supports a function that enables session control
between a Web server and mobile device by using a unique identifier stored
in a WebSphere Commerce PvC session table called PVCSESSION. The
unique identifier information is sent in the HTTP request header provided by
the mobile telecommunication carrier or created automatically by the PvC
򐂰 Device control
There are several categories of mobile devices such as mobile phones,
PDAs, and wireless laptops. Within the categories of mobile devices, there
are often unique characteristics and specifications. For example, two WAP
phones, whether from the same manufacturer or different manufacturers, may
vary from each other in the following features:
Size of screen
Screen resolution
Color capability
–Size of memory
WebSphere Commerce provides the ability to detect the mobile device type
via the incoming HTTP request from the mobile device, and send back the
JSPs with the appropriate content and images for that mobile device. This

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