286 WebSphere Commerce Portal V5.4 Solutions
7.1 ITSO sample code
This redbook provides a sample code zip file containing the artifacts developed
for the redbook. These samples will be referenced throughout the remaining
example chapters.
7.1.1 Procedure to download ITSO sample code
To download the sg246890.zip file, complete the following steps:
1. Enter the following URL in a Web browser:
2. Download the sg246890.zip to a directory on your system (for example,
3. Unpack the sg246890.zip (for example, c:\sg246890-code).
7.1.2 Description of ITSO sample code
The sample code zip file includes a WebSphere Studio Application Developer
workspace containing all artifacts developed, ITSO-modified store archive (SAR)
file, configuration files, and an ITSO-provided portlet JAR file for debug
Table 7-1 describes the contents of the ITSO sample code zip file
Table 7-1 ITSO sample code
Note: We will refer to this base unpack directory throughout the working
example as c:\sg246890-code.
Directory/Filename Description
c:\sg246890-code ITSO sample code root directory
c:\sg246890-code\wsad ITSO WebSphere Studio Application Developer workspace
containing the ITSO B2B CEP Web assets, XML data files, and Ant
scripts for packaging a SAR file and publishing.
c:\sg246890-code\sar ITSO B2B CEP store SAR file containing ITSO-modified assets.
c:\sg246890-code\ldif WebSphere Commerce and WebSphere Portal sample LDIF files.
c:\sg246890-code\wasaes_config Script file used to deploy CPS application within the WebSphere
Application Server AEs development environment of WebSphere
Studio Application Developer.

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