352 WebSphere Commerce Portal V5.4 Solutions
When complete with the changes to the <instance>.xml file, save the file and
restart the WebSphere Commerce <instance> application server.
10.3 OpenWave.SDK 6.2 for WAP toolkit and simulator
When developing a mobile application, you will need a combination of toolkits,
software simulators, and real mobile device hardware for testing. We specifically
selected a OpenWave-based simulator to explore unique issues related to the
We used the OpenWave.SDK 6.2 for WAP when developing the WAP sample
code in this redbook.
OpenWave Phone.com, formally Unwired Planet, provides a Software
Developers Kit (SDK) that includes a simulator that supports WAP content by its
microbrowser, examples, and supporting documentation.
Although Nokia is dominant in Europe, the UP Phone.com browser is used by
many phone manufacturers.
There are currently two versions of the OpenWave SDK that support WAP
򐂰 OpenWave SDK V6.1 for WAP
򐂰 OpenWave SDK V6.2 for WAP
Download and install OpenWave SDK for WAP
You can download the OpenWave SDK V6.2 for WAP from the following URL:
Configure the OpenWave SDK mobile client
After you have installed and configured your mobile client, make sure that you
define one of the following user agent ID:
򐂰 Wap
򐂰 Nokia
򐂰 UP/4
򐂰 Rainbow

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