372 WebSphere Commerce Portal V5.4 Solutions
404 - File not found exception when accessing portal
This error would occur when the host name or port number specified during the
configuration cannot be resolved or was entered incorrectly.
Also, if you are using the IBM HTTP Server, verify that it is started or restart it to
verify that the WebSphere Application Server plug-in information is reloaded.
The system could not log into your account when running the portlet
on the server
When running your portlet on the server, you might get an error indicating “The
system could not retrieve your user account information data store.
Please try again later." The WPSDEBUG ID is required to log into
WebSphere Portal. Verify that the user ID and password are correct when you
configured the Portal Server instance, and that the user ID was created correctly.
Error occurs when publishing the portlet application
Verify that the directory that you specified when configuring the Portal Server
instance already exists. The Portal Toolkit will not create this directory for you.
Portlet page not found
This might occur when the deployment directory specified during the
configuration does not match the location specified to copy the files. The Portal
Toolkit would deploy the files, but would not be able to find the files when trying to
display them. This might also occur if your debug ID or password does not match
the one created earlier.
WebSphere Portal installation and configuration
When installing Portal on WebSphere Application Server Advanced Single
Server Edition, it is important to note the following:
򐂰 To use the Portal Toolkit, you must install Portal on the Advanced Single
Server Edition of WebSphere Application Server.
򐂰 An HTTP server is not required to use the Portal Toolkit.
򐂰 You must copy the personalization.jar and prCommon.jar files to the
<WAS_HOME>\lib\app directory before installing Portal.
򐂰 You must apply WebSphere Application Server FixPak 2 and interim fix
before installing Portal.

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