Appendix C. Tips and troubleshooting for commerce enabled portals 373
򐂰 Use the host name format of so that you
do not need to regenerate the plug-in information while developing portlets.
򐂰 You must deploy the base portlets.
򐂰 Make sure to run usejdbc2.bat, found in the <DB2_HOME>\java12 directory
to enable the correct JDBC drivers for Portal.
Troubleshooting a store publishing failure
If you experience problems while publishing a store archive, review the
troubleshooting techniques outlined in this section.
WebSphere Commerce log files
Review the following WebSphere Commerce log files found in the
<WC_HOME>\instances\<instance_name>\logs directory:
򐂰 message.txt
򐂰 trace.txt
򐂰 ecmsg_<hostname>_<timestamp>.log
򐂰 wcs.log
Unlocking a store archive
A store archive may be locked during publishing because someone else is using
it, or if an error occurs while accessing the store archive. Before unlocking the
file, ensure that no one else is using the file.
To unlock a store archive, delete the lock file in the
<WC_HOME>\temp\demo\tools\devtools\lock directory.
Republish a contract or account
If a message in the ecmsg_<hostname>_<timestamp>.log reports that
publishing has failed while attempting to republish the contract or account asset,
do the following before attempting to republish again:
򐂰 For contracts:
Ensure that you have changed the sequence number in the contracts.xml file
to the next number in the sequence. The sequence number is a combination
of the value for the majorVersionNumber and the minorVersionNumber.

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