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Related publications
The publications listed in this section are considered particularly suitable for a
more detailed discussion of the topics covered in this redbook.
IBM Redbooks
For information on ordering these publications, see “How to get IBM Redbooks”
on page 381.
򐂰 WebSphere Commerce V5.4 Handbook, SG24-6567
򐂰 WebSphere Commerce V5.4 Developer’s Handbook, SG24-6190
򐂰 WebSphere Portal V4.1, Windows 2000 Installation, REDP3593
򐂰 WebSphere Portal V4.1 Developer’s Handbook, SG24-6897
򐂰 WebSphere Portal V4.1 Handbook Volume 1, SG24-6883
򐂰 WebSphere Portal V4.1 Handbook Volume 2, SG24-6920
򐂰 WebSphere Portal V4.1 Handbook Volume 3, SG24-6921
򐂰 Access Integration Pattern using IBM WebSphere Portal Server, SG24-6267
򐂰 Applying Pattern Approaches: Patterns for e-business Series, SG24-6805
򐂰 B2B e-commerce With WebSphere Commerce Business Edition V5.4,
Patterns for e-business Series, SG24-6194
򐂰 A Portal Composite Pattern Using WebSphere Portal V4.1.2, SG24-6869
򐂰 Mobile Applications with IBM WebSphere Everyplace Access Design and
Development, SG24-6259
򐂰 Integrating WebSphere Commerce V5.4 and WebSphere Portal V4.1.4,
Other resources
These publications are also relevant as further information sources:
򐂰 Portlet Developer’s Guide, WebSphere Portal V4.1 found at:

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