544 WebSphere Commerce V5.4 Handbook, Architecture and Integration Guide
Commerce database or a directory server. When the X.509 client certificate is
used, the Web server performs the authentication.
Differences between WebSphere Commerce editions
There are some enhancements in IBM WebSphere Commerce Studio V5.4,
Business Edition compared to the IBM WebSphere Commerce Studio V5.4,
Professional Edition regarding the member subsystem.
WebSphere Commerce Business Edition supports a hierarchical organization
structure, which reflects customers that belong to different levels within an
organization. Both the buyer and seller organizations also have control over who
is approved within each level.
This chapter covers the LDAP integration for both editions, since no differences
were found regarding the installation and configuration processes.
15.3 Security recommendations
When designing an LDAP directory solution with WebSphere Commerce, we
recommend that you consider the following security considerations:
Place the directory server in the most secure network
Use SSL connection
Change ACLs to avoid anonymous searches
Avoid using cn=root LDAP user
Place the directory server in the most secure network
Whenever possible, it is recommended that you place the directory server in the
same network as WebSphere Commerce. Sometimes this will not possible if you
plan to use a directory that is being used by other applications.
Use SSL connection
It is highly recommended that you use SSL to secure communications between
WebSphere Commerce and the directory server. This becomes crucial when the
directory is placed in a DMZ and is shared by other applications, but it also
recommended even when the WebSphere Commerce and the directory server
reside on the same machine.
Note: The sample mapping file provided with IBM WebSphere Commerce
V5.4, Business Edition probably needs to be extended to support B2B users.
For more information about the mapping file, refer to 15.7.1, Understanding
the WebSphere Commerce ldapentry.xml file on page 560.

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