Chapter 18. Collaborative workspaces using Lotus QuickPlace 707
Figure 18-8 Collaborative Workspaces from a shoppers perspective
18.9 Single sign-on
You can enable single sign-on for WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere
Commerce and Lotus Domino Server. Unfortunately, Lotus QuickPlace is
currently not supporting single sign-on. Hopefully, there will be a fix pack for
Lotus QuickPlace that will enable it to use single sign-on.
Note: When you log on to Lotus QuickPlace you receive a cookie with your
information in it. If you switch users in WebSphere Commerce without closing
the browser and click the
Collaborative Workspaces link, you access it as
the user logged in before.
Note: Once you are inside a Lotus QuickPlace, you can use all functionality
that this template is providing. For information about how to use a Lotus
QuickPlace, refer to the online help at:
Note: At the time of writing this redbook, we configured Domino for single
sign-on as described in the
IBM WebSphere V4.0 Advance Edition Security
SG24-6520 and the
Customizing QuickPlace,
SG24-6000 redbook, but were
not able to get this working.

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