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Chapter 20. DB2 Text Extender
The DB2 Text Extenders are used to improve the search capabilities of a DB2
database. You can easily integrate DB2 Text Extender into your Web site. This is
an essential part of a commerce store, as nearly every site requires a search.
DB2 Text Extender is a tool designed to search large text documents in a short
period of time. Next to the specific search, it can also find variations and
synonyms of the text.
This chapter describes how to configure and use DB2 Text Extenders with a
WebSphere Commerce V5.4 store.
The chapter is organized into the following sections:
DB2 Text Extender usage considerations
DB2 Text Extender installation
DB2 Text Extender sample installation
Enable WebSphere Commerce
Integrating the search into your store
DB2 Text Extender commands
Where to find more information

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