730 WebSphere Commerce V5.4 Handbook, Architecture and Integration Guide
20.1 DB2 Text Extender usage considerations
When planning to use DB2 Text Extenders, it is important to understand the
impact of search conditions and update considerations.
20.1.1 DB2 Text Extender search considerations
When you enable a table for DB2 Text Extender, you can specify different types
of indexes. Depending on the type of index (linguistic, ngram, precise), and the
search method (fuzzy, synonym, precise) you can have different search results.
For example, when you choose the
linguistic index type, you can search for
synonyms of a word. If you choose
ngram, you can make a fuzzy search.
Before you install the software you have to think about what you want to search
for in the database. For example you could search for product name, short
description, and long description. We strongly encourage you to think about what
kind of search your store needs. For example, a fuzzy search is probably slower
than a precise search.
For more information on the types of searches available in DB2 Text Extender,
refer to the
DB2 Text Extender Administration Guide
(desu9mst.pdf). This guide
provides an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of each index
20.1.2 DB2 Text Extender update considerations
Every time you change the database tables, you also need to update the
indexes. The update process can take a while, depending on the number of rows
in the table and size of the database. There are different approaches to when
and how you update the indexes. You can do it manually, time based, or
depending on the number of changed rows.
For more information, see the
DB2 Text Extender Administration Guide
20.2 DB2 Text Extender installation
In order to use DB2 Text Extender, you have to install the software and enable
the WebSphere Commerce database. After you have enabled your database,
you have to create an index for each column that you want to be searchable.
When you create an index, you also specify the type of the index.
Chapter 20. DB2 Text Extender integration 731
For more information on installing DB2 Text Extender, refer to the DB2 Text
Extender within the
Additional Software Guide, IBM WebSphere Commerce V5.4
Professional and Business Edition for Windows
product guide.
20.2.1 Install DB2 Text Extender
To install DB2 Text Extender complete the following steps:
1. Insert DB2 Text Extender CD.
2. Run
setup in the /db2ext/winnt95 directory.
3. Follow the installation panels. Accept the defaults unless otherwise noted.
4. Select
DB2 Extenders Server (non-EEE).
5. Select
20.2.2 Install DB2 Text Extender FixPak 1
To install the DB2 Text Extender FixPak1, complete the following steps:
1. Download the FixPak from:
2. Extract the FixPak into a temporary directory.
3. Stop WebSphere Application Server.
4. Stop all DB2 application:
a. Type
db2 terminate.
b. Check if there are still applications connected. Type:
db2 list applications show detail
c. If there are still some, type:
db2 force applications all
5. Go to the temporary directory.
6. From the command line, enter
service -install.
7. Restart your computer.
20.2.3 Install DB2 Text Extender FixPak 2
In order to get the DB2 Text Extender to work properly with WebSphere
Commerce, you must download and install the following FixPak. Refer to the
readme for instructions on installing the FixPak.

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