736 WebSphere Commerce V5.4 Handbook, Architecture and Integration Guide
5. Now you can try a search on more than one column:
> Select Catentry_id,Shortdescription, longdescription From Catentdesc
Where Db2tx.contains (Deschandle, '(”saw“&”heavy”)') = 1 and Db2tx.contains
(ldeschandle, '(”saw“&”heavy”)') = 1
6. For an advanced search, see Example 20-1.
Example 20-1 Advanced DB2 Text Extender search
This is one SQL-statement:
> with temptable( catentry_id, shortdescription, longdescription,
matches_long, rank)
as (
select catentry_id,shortdescription,longdescription,
db2tx.rank(deschandle,'"hammer"') + db2tx.rank(deschandle2,'"hammer"')
from wcsadmin.catentdesc)
select * from temptable where matches_short > 0 or matches_long>0
order by rank desc
20.5 Integrating the search into your store
After you have set up one or multiple searches, the next task is to integrate this
into your store. But you cannot do this without writing some Java code and
creating or modifying JSPs.
Refer to the following for information about store implementation:
Programmers Guide, IBM WebSphere Commerce V5.4
Servlet and JSP Programming with IBM WebSphere Studio and VisualAge for
, SG24-5755
Note: Modifying the Java code and JSP is beyond the scope of this redbook.

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