Appendix A. Firewall and network configuration 793
SecureWay Firewall installation
In this section, we have included the high-level installation steps used within the
ITSO test environment to install IBM SecureWay Firewall V4.2 for Windows NT
on fw1 and fw2, as seen in Figure A-1 on page 790.
To install the SecureWay Firewall, complete the following steps:
1. Ensure the network interfaces have been configured (see Configure the
firewall network interfaces on page 791).
2. Install the IBM Firewall Support Driver (IBM Intermediate Support Driver).
a. Enable IP forwarding by doing the following:
i. Select
Network Neighborhood. Right-click Properties -> Protocols
TCP/IP Protocol.
ii. Click
iii. Select the
Routing tab.
iv. Check the
Enable IP Forwarding check box and click OK.
b. Verify network functionality before installing Intermediate Support Driver in
the next step. Once the Intermediate Support Driver is installed, the
network settings cannot be modified unless the driver is removed first.
c. Install the IBM Intermediate Driver.
d. After adding the IBM Intermediate Support Driver,
do not restart the
system, but proceed to the Firewall installation.
e. Verify network functionality of the network adapters.
IP address
Note: Enabling the IP forwarding allows network traffic to flow between
the two adapters by connecting the two networks.
Note: Refer to <fw42_path>/nt40/en_US/ibmisd.txt for detailed
instructions for adding a protocol.

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