454 WebSphere Commerce V5.4 Handbook, Architecture and Integration Guide
This chapter is organized into the following sections:
AIX installation
DB2 Server installation
DB2 Client installation
Remote IBM HTTP Server installation
WebSphere Application Server installation
WebSphere Commerce installation
WebSphere Commerce Payments installation
WebSphere Commerce post-install configuration
WebSphere Commerce instance creation
WebSphere Commerce post-instance config
Remote IBM HTTP Server configuration
Create a store from a sample store
Deploy a store
WebSphere HTTP transport SSL configuration
Verify the store and runtime
13.1 AIX installation
All systems to be used in the scenario have the same basic requirements. Refer
to the sections below for details and tips for the AIX 5.1 installation in preparation
for WebSphere Commerce V5.4.
13.1.1 File system planning
Unlike some other UNIX variations, AIX has the ability to increase the size of a
file system with relative ease using the chfs command after the installation of the
operating system. Table 13-1 defines the file system space needed for each
node of the AIX three-tier runtime environment.
Table 13-1 ITSO test systems for AIX three-tier runtime environment
Hardware spec
Remote Web
(Machine A)
(Machine B)
Database Server
(Machine C)
Machine type IBM RS/6000 43P
Model 150
IBM RS/6000 44P
Model 170
IBM RS/6000
Server F50
Processor(s) 1 x 375 MHz
PowerPC 604e
1 x 450 MHz
2 x 332 MHz
PowerPC 604
System memory 512 MB 2 GB 1 GB
Chapter 13. AIX three-tier runtime with DB2 and IBM HTTP Server 455
Allocate disk space
The recommendations in the
Installation Guide, IBM WebSphere Commerce
V5.4 Professional and Business Edition for AIX
will allow all WebSphere
Commerce components to be installed on the same machine. In this
configuration, the recommendations are as follows:
/usr 4 GB
/tmp 1 GB
/home 1 GB (only necessary on DB2 Server system)
paging space 1 GB per CPU
To increase the size of a file system on AIX, enter the following command:
# chfs -a size=’<number_of 512_byte_blocks>’ <filesystem_mount_point>
For example:
# chfs -a size=’600000’ /tmp
13.1.2 Network configuration
In this scenario, we used the following host names for the three-tier AIX runtime:
Remote Web Server node
Host name: webaix1
Commerce Application Server node
Host name: comaix1
Remote DB2 Server node
Host name: db2aix1
Remote WebSphere Commerce Payments node
Host name: payaix1
Disk space
/usr 2 GB
/tmp 300 MB
/usr 4 GB
/tmp 300 MB
/db2data 1 GB
Hardware spec
Remote Web
(Machine A)
(Machine B)
Database Server
(Machine C)
Note: In this scenario, we do not configure firewalls or the Network
Dispatcher. In Chapter 14, AIX: Web server load balancing and horizontal
cloning on page 523, we add firewalls and Network Dispatcher to the
456 WebSphere Commerce V5.4 Handbook, Architecture and Integration Guide
13.1.3 Software prerequisites
For a complete listing of software prerequisites, refer to the
Installation Guide,
IBM WebSphere Commerce V5.4 Professional and Business Edition for AIX
product guide. In this section, we provide new information and information in
need of clarification.
AIX 32-bit mode
WebSphere Commerce requires AIX 5.1. However WebSphere Application
Server V4.0.3 is supported in 32-bit mode only, and does not exploit 64-bit mode
Required filesets
The following filesets are required by WebSphere Application Server V4 and
WebSphere Commerce V5.4. Nearly all packages listed are installed by default
for the AIX 5.1 installation.
WebSphere Commerce requires the X11.adt.motif (AIXwindows Application
Development Toolkit Motif) file set, which is not installed by default. It can be
found on AIX 5.1 installation CD 1.
Install AIX 5.1 recommended maintenance package
At the time of writing this redbook, we tested with AIX maintenance level 1 and 2.
In this section we describe how to obtain and install the AIX 5.1 maintenance
level 2.
Note: The wc54aixpreq.sh script in the Software_Patches directory on the
WebSphere Commerce Disk 2 CD will warn you if the X11.adt.motif file set is
not installed. This file set is not required for WebSphere Application Server
V4.0.x, but is mandatory for WebSphere Commerce.

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